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Looking for that advisory firm which can give you a competitive edge?

Equilibrium Hospitality is a game changer in the tourism and hospitality industry

In 2018, the market grew at a rate of 5.5% while the growth of the World Economy was only 3.6% with hotel transactions represented over US$70 billion.

By the end of 2019, the World Travel & Tourism Industry was the fastest-growing market globally boosting an average 4% growth year on year to break the symbolic benchmark of US$500 billion annually.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic hoteliers have had to adapt to the challenges facing the hospitality and tourism industry. To survive these unprecedented times, they must immediately implement efficient and proactive business strategies including effective and sometimes “ruthless” business decisions to reduce operating costs and create new sources of business opportunities.

Equilibrium Hospitality is working collaboratively with hotel owners, and operators to reduce accumulated bad debt, restructure loan facilities, and lower other structural operating costs.

Despite this current economic meltdown, acquisition and development remain a very completive market no matter where you are in the world. It is about attracting large sums of capital from existing hotel groups, wealthy family offices, institutional investors, and private equity firms.

In a crowded space, getting access to opportunities is key for growing your portfolio and maximising your time and resources.

Equilibrium Hospitality and its affiliated companies are here to accompany you for all your hospitality needs.

Some of our recent assignments



We are careful and perseverant in our quest to identify the best possible target properties meeting our clients’ strict investment criteria.


To increase and maximise what we are employed to achieve and the profits for our client.


We keep our industry knowledge up to date and have extensive skills in assisting our clients in acquiring those properties.


Towards each other and with the people we represent.


As we are your Brand Ambassador, we will always act in total transparency.


To find the right balance for a more just and sustainable world.

Equilibrium Hospitality has acquired an extensive network of key industry leaders, investors, developers, technology providers around the world...
Our local knowledge combined with a global reach means we can find the perfect property for you...
In the normal life cycle of any company, the key person in control will from time to time face challenges...

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